Client: Leadership Lessons By Ron Wallace

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Ron Wallace is a former delivery driver and President of UPS International. He shared his journey from driver to President in the form of a book, Leadership Lessons. His mission is to show how any organization can apply its principles to create both an incredibly successful business and a great work environment. The site features a Leadership IQ quiz (powered by Catch Engine) for visitors to discover where they currently stand in their leadership journey. Customers can easily purchase his book or read Ron’s blog where he shares his thoughts on the “people culture”.

Through his website, visitors learn Ron Wallace’s personal story, as well as how to be a better leader and inspire a culture of “we, not me” in their own workplace. The site’s design is reminiscent of Ron’s days at UPS, right down to its efficiency and color scheme. Not to be left out are the many mentions in the press or the numerous positive praises of Leadership Lessons. It was a pleasure to work with Ron, especially because we support the “people culture” and strive to run our business in a way where our employees feel a part of a team.