Getting the right link for your place of employment on Facebook

This is a real quick snippet. You can now link your business page on Facebook to the Community Page that mysteriously appeared, even though you did not create it. These pages are actually the compilation of a community’s collective experience of a particular topic. For example, Thai Spice, a restaurant I used to run, has both an official public page and a community page. Even though they never created that community page, it exists because of that particular community’s shared experience. These pages were in beta last year and they have proven to be incredibly annoying if you wanted to link where you work with your company or brand’s official page. There is a way to link your official page and this community page that everyone seems to find instead. Go to your public page, hit “Edit Page” in the top right and corner and then look at the screen shot below.

This does not however solve your problem if you have linked your employment history to these community pages. If you gave up on this six months ago, I don’t blame you. However, you should probably redress this particular issue now. Someone brought it to my attention recently, and I was embarrassed that I hadn’t fixed this yet. Here is what you do…

Edit your personal profile. Go to Education and Work. Add a new employer and see if the official page for your brand/company pops up. Simply copy all of the info from improperly linked employment post from the list below, add the new one and then delete the old one. Not rocket science, or really that sophisticated, but gets the job done, and it only takes about a minute. Get it done y’all.

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