I know, I just wrote an article about Facebook posting, but this one is incredibly positive (whereas yesterday’s was incredibly negative…and creepy). I was testing out posting as a business for one of my clients when I stumbled across this post on The Backyard’s Facebook page. A potential customer complained about ticket sales, and The Backyard was not having it.

By responding in this manner they are letting all of their potential patrons know that they are tuned in and sensitive to the trials and tribulations of ticket sales. This is called “being attentive”. Of course, The Backyard was lucky that this comment was made on a platform they control, are aware of and are vigilant with their Facebook page. Danny could have easily posted this comment somewhere else, and The Backyard could have missed it – in which case, potentially tens (if not hundreds) of disgruntled fans could have commented, suddenly creating an actual problem for the Backyard. Instead, The Backyard turned this comment to their advantage and now they are a much, much more appealing venue to the likes of me and thousands of others who wish to see Arcade Fire, Pat Green, Willie Nelson, etc.

If The Backyard doesn’t already do this, I recommend they pick up Google alerts or someone like BazaarVoice to help monitor customers’ comments and reactions. Every business should do this and know where they are being talked about online. Better yet, every business should have a couple active platforms and advertise them in order to encourage people to comment in those spaces. This way it is easier to discover issues (like Danny’s) and nip them in the bud. I don’t need to write about horror stories businesses have run into in the past because they do not monitor their online presence; issues that could have been avoided.

And yes, if you are wondering, I did comment on their post as Marotz Realty. I am the active voice for their business, and I thought it appropriate. What are your thoughts about it?