Awhile back I was trying to be creative with a Square Cow Mover’s Blog. These guys have been an incredible client of mine over the past year and a half. They have been open to new ideas, patient with me as I try to figure things out and allow me to experiment with their brand.

Definitely recommend them as your moving company if you are in the Central Texas Area.

Anyways, I wrote a blog article some months back and incorprated some pop culture items. I mentioned the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I also said something about packing a suitcase or run the risk of going naked for a week. This proved to have an interesting effect on our SEO results for Square Cow.

The major search engines picked up on two words in this particular post. They were “naked” and “hitchhiker”. Hopefully you can see where this is going….While tracking our SEO progress we started to notice that we were popping up on page one for the term “naked hitchhiker”. Appearing in other niches can be a very good way to approach niche community, but sometimes it can prove detrimental.

Because Square Cow Movers are a family-oriented organization, we are not interested in those kind of results. Despite the fact that the words naked and hitchhiker were not used even in the same sentence, they elicited a response based on the popularity of that search term (regardless of how unscrupulous that term may be).

Writing this article, I understand that I also will be subjected to this search term, but I believe the importance of the impact this example has outweighs the potential unpleasantness it could bring to my own blog. I hope it is helpful to you. And no, I’m not posting a picture of a naked hitchhiker, creeps.