brand strategy & roadmap

At Alter Endeavors Digital Creative, we’re conversion focused. Our goal in any engagement always focuses on our clients’ growth. To achieve this, our process boils down to one pivotal jumping off point – our Brand Strategy & Roadmap. The Brand Strategy gives us an in-depth look into your brand, industry trends, competitors, and your audience. The Roadmap establishes KPIs (key performance indicators) and includes specific details on how we plan to achieve those KPIs while growing and celebrating your brand online. Below, we share the three foundational elements of an AE Brand Strategy & Roadmap.


In the first step, we immerse ourselves in your brand to assess your current online presence, conduct extensive competitor research, and define your target audience. After you fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, we review all of your brand’s marketing materials, website, and social platforms as a team. We then move onto industry and audience research. Who are your competitors? Who is your target market? Where does your business want to be in five years? What is an acceptable cost per acquisition? We dive deep into these questions and begin to build your brand identity and craft a compelling narrative.


The second step in our Brand Strategy & Roadmap focuses on creating the narrative around your brand. This identifies what category your brand is trying to excel in and what makes you stand above your competitors or what makes your brand uniquely better. We address how your brand should be positioned in the marketplace and refine your brand’s voice to ensure it is both consistent and persuasive.

Once we have established narrative and what makes your brand stand above, it’s key to assess the viability of the marketplace and your target audience. Our team helps uncover the personality and character of the brand – creating a clear and consistent voice that is recognizable across all platforms.


Finally, we refer to the third step as the “Roadmap.” This can be broken down into 3 pieces: Branding, Platform Development, and Digital Marketing. Having conducted extensive research on your brand assets, website and social presence as well as build a custom strategy based on the goals you set forth — the final step is to provide a detailed, well-designed guide that lays out how to achieve those goals. This cohesive guide and roadmap includes all of the specifics around which efforts to focus on first, what pursuits will not serve your business and what the cost of success entails.

The Brand Strategy & Roadmap will grant you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward in your marketing endeavors. The success we have had over the past three years with the clients around whom we have created and tested this process has proven that this is where we insist on starting with anyone new we engage with.

While we hope to be the team to execute and grow alongside you, this deliverable is meant to serve you first and foremost. The process itself is informative and personal, the end result being a clear and powerful brand identity. If you’re ready to embark on a full-scope brand strategy, we are here and ready to start that conversation at any time.