Assessment marketing is a topic that we’re passionate about over here at Alter Endeavors. Why is that? Simply put, high-quality quizzes are an extremely effective tool that gives small businesses the ability to qualify and acquire leads like never before. To take things up a notch, our team has access to Catch Engine, a platform that makes creating powerful assessments incredibly easy.

We’re able to build logic systems that are as simple or complex as necessary — and the end result is a beautifully branded quiz that embeds into your website to capture leads.

Assessment Marketing vs. The Click Funnel

If you’re thinking… well, I already have a click funnel at play. Then, keep reading. While click funnels certainly aren’t a new concept and it is widely understood that they’re an important tactic to grow your business — assessment marketing can either augment an existing click funnel or replace it entirely.

Let’s break down the traditional funnel and analyze where things may not play out to your advantage.

1. Build your target audience.

2. Create ads that introduce your brand to this audience.

3. Create ads that educate your audience about your product or service.

4. Create ads that have a strong call-to-action (CTA), leading them to visit your website.

5. Hope they purchase product or submit a contact form inquiring about your service.

6. Re-target those who visited your website, but did not take your desired action the first time.

With so many variables at play, a lot of time, money and effort can be spent on these steps. If you’re reaching out to the wrong audience or your ads have a poor CTA, it’s likely that you’re not seeing a return on your investment.

Assessment marketing, on the other hand, beckons to the potential customer with the promise of something in return for their time (and email address). A high-quality quiz can introduce your brand and educate the user about your product/service at the same time — and by offering the user something of value, the quiz itself is the strong CTA.

What Makes a “High-Quality” Quiz?

To clarify, by “high-quality quiz,” we are referring to an assessment that, if filled out correctly and completely, provides valuable information to the user in the form of a “Free chapter” or informational PDF for example — giving the quiz taker a “taste” of the value that lies beyond if they were to fully commit to the product or service. In order to access the answers, the user simply has to provide an email address — making it an equivalent exchange. Assessment marketing is essentially a smarter contact form.

At the end of this blog post, we provide a list of Catch Engine quizzes that we consider to be “high-quality.” Rusty Shelton, Founder and CEO of our sister-agency, Zilker Media, also has a blog post outlining how to make a great quiz if you’re ready to get started on yours!

An Assessment Marketing Case Study

Trust us when we say that assessments make for a much more convincing click funnel. Curious to see this in action? Read this Facebook Ads Case Study that lays out how we were able to obtain a cost-per-lead of $0.35 using an assessment as the subject of our Facebook Ad Campaign. This is especially important to note because we have had campaigns with phenomenal cost-per-clicks using the tradition click funnel layout from above, but users would land on the page and bounce off without converting. Assessment marketing not only helps drive traffic to your website, but they’re more likely to convert once there.

Lead Qualification

Beyond lead acquisition, assessments also do a phenomenal job of qualifying these leads and segmenting them according to the quiz objective. If created correctly, users will be categorized in a way that allows a brand to assess how open an individual is to their product or service. For example, we have a “Site Health” Quiz that helps small businesses determine how secure and functional their current website is. If they get a clean bill of health, they walk away feeling confident about their web presence and we know that they are not contenders for a site re-design. This means less time chasing leads that have a minimal chance of converting in the first place.

If you’ve implemented the traditional click funnel and have seen little success, reach out to us about exploring assessment marketing. Our team at Alter Endeavors can create, design and market your custom quiz — leaving you with qualified leads to connect with.

Quiz Examples