Author: Aubrey Berkowitz

e-learning platform e-learning platform

Building an E-Learning Platform for Your Brand

One of the first clients I ever worked with was a consultant. This consultant’s entire business was built around traveling to large conferences and giving presentations. The consultant’s website was the “Online Town Square,” where the business lived online. The website featured integrated strategies and design to increase conversions. The consultant was highly successful and […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
April 18, 2019
custom landing page custom landing page

4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Landing Page

Building your own landing page is more manageable than ever with tools like Instapage. Heck, you can even create one on MailChimp! But while these resources are cheap and user-friendly, they may not be the best solution for your goals. As website design + development experts, we help our clients make educated decisions that will […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
January 29, 2019

Slacking Off Series: How do I build an interactive website?

Every company has them. Those discussions at the water cooler about work. They’re usually informal, fun, but still where the “meat” of workplace conversations happen. Often times, some of the most insightful things said are “off the cuff” in these environments. Here at AE, we’re no different. Even though we’re often mobile, and our clients […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
November 20, 2018

Digital Marketing Strategy & Gardening | Producing Fruits from Your Efforts

One of the things I love about working at Alter Endeavors is our company culture. Nick puts a great amount of emphasis on understanding not only what makes an employee more successful but also what our passions are outside of the work environment. One of mine is gardening. I love growing vegetables and flowers. Particularly, […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
August 30, 2017

The Secret to More Engagement Online? Be Yourself.

At Alter Endeavors, we believe that a major key to success for your brand is being genuine. The more you express yourself and your brand in a genuine way, the more likely the audience is to engage and become a loyal customer. So, one of our lead Senior Consultant’s at Alter Endeavors, Aubrey Berkowitz, is […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
May 22, 2017

3 Global Consumerism Trends that your Business Needs to Embrace

In case you missed it, we have gone through a revolutionary shift in the way that consumers engage and interact with media. We now have computers in our pockets and the result has been a fundamental shift in the paradigm of global consumerism. Television advertising, radio advertising, and print advertising are fading in their significance […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
March 17, 2017

Limitless – A Business Mastery Seminar

Limitless – Business Mastery Seminar Date: Thursday, February 23rd Time: 12 PM Where: Tech Ranch Austin, 8920 Business Park Dr, Suite 250 Austin, TX 78759 Why: To push your business beyond the productive and online limits you face. At Alter Endeavors, we believe that it is essential that business owners receive continuing education.  Lifelong learners are better […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
February 16, 2017

A Visit from St. Nick (Alter)

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house Not a person was stirring, not even Papa’s mouse. Instead he surfed the web on his phone with care, After finding the wish lists- based on Facebook shares. The children were snuggled all in their beds, While visions of checkout carts danced in their heads. […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
November 29, 2016

Web Design Mistakes – 3 That Seem Like Great Ideas

Is your Website “Naughty or Nice”? Are there web design mistakes that seemed like a good idea at one time? We’re in November, which means it’s officially the holiday season and digital marketers can pound holiday metaphors into oblivion. At Alter Endeavors, we’re always happy to audit a website and give feedback. We fundamentally believe […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
November 14, 2016

Why a Website Maintenance Company? The Imperfect Nature of the Internet

Thoughts about the value of a website maintenance company were raised when Christopher Jennings, our Chief Operating Officer at Alter Endeavors, and I had a fascinating conversation awhile back. At the end of the day, we are not creating a product that is permanent. We’re building a product that will eventually break, need updates, and need maintenance— not […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
September 26, 2016