At Alter Endeavors Digital Creative, we build platforms for brands large and small, near and far. No matter the industry, our website design process always includes detailed industry and competitor research in order to craft a strategy that is intentional and well-informed. When approaching medical website design specifically, we apply best practices to ensure the end result is professional, engaging, and conversion-focused.

Using a recent branding and website client as our example, The Prime Clinic is owned by Dr. David Cross, a board-certified physician practicing in Austin, Texas. After 25 years as an anesthesiologist, David shifted his focus to treat men who are impacted by medical disorders like erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. David finds he often has to educate patients on what he refers to as “the snake oil treatments” on the market — treatments that aren’t proven to be effective and can actually be medically unsafe. In the case of this medical website design, the challenge was to build a platform that highlights David’s medical background and reinforces The Prime Clinic as a professional, inclusive, and caring practice.

medical website design

In The Prime Clinic’s case, the engagement began with a Brand Strategy Guide and Roadmap. This deliverable includes the in-depth industry, audience and competitor research necessary to develop a brand that speaks to your target market. During this discovery session, we sit down with you to determine 3-5 key brand descriptors that should be conveyed visually [imagery, colors, fonts, iconography] and within any written copy. The end product is a clear roadmap that celebrates what makes a particular practice or doctor uniquely better across all of their marketing efforts.

After working with medical professionals across the country, we find there are consistencies within medical website design — healthcare professionals of any niche need a website that functions well and feels anything but cheap or cold. 

In order to design a medical website in a way that conveys professionalism and warmth, best practices include:

  • Professional photography that is inviting and friendly 
  • Testimonials to give insight into what patients can expect
  • Quick access to medical resources and accreditations
  • Strong and clear calls-to-action so there are no questions about how to schedule an appointment.
  • A user-flow that is intuitive for users with opportunities to learn more, without feeling overwhelmed with information.

The Prime Clinic is a fantastic example of all of the above and a website that we often receive compliments on! Beyond following industry best practices for design, the site also meets the Texas Medical Board’s requirements, is hosted on our secure servers, and includes an SSL certificate.

If you’re in need of medical website design, let’s talk! We have proven our ability to deliver websites that are professional, engaging, and conversion-focused time and time again.