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a person designing a website a person designing a website

The Commandments of Web Design

Our records don’t go back far enough to identify just how many websites we’ve launched in the 10+ years of our agency’s existence, but let’s just say we know a thing or two about web design best practices!  While trends come and go (think sidebars and slideshows), we’ve found a number of web design best […]

Teylor Schiefelbein
February 8, 2022
a palette of colors from a brand style guide a palette of colors from a brand style guide

Why You Need a Brand Style Guide for Your Business

If you saw a McDonald’s with arches that were anything but golden, would you eat there? Or would you be a little suspicious? Consistency is one of the most important aspects of building a recognizable brand. That’s because consistency establishes professionalism and fosters trust. And when it comes to creating a consistent, trustworthy brand, it’s […]

Sean Flamand
September 24, 2021
a woman in a spacesuit points at a screen a woman in a spacesuit points at a screen

What Is Brand Strategy?

Building a defined brand and reaching your audience with it is a difficult process. In some ways, this is made harder by the confusion surrounding the many terms that, together, account for the entire branding and marketing process. Here at Alter Endeavors, when we discuss branding with clients, they often ask us the same question: […]

Sean Flamand
August 31, 2021
a man talks on the phone while at his computer a man talks on the phone while at his computer

The Importance of Brand Reputation Management

With the days of advertising purely through word-of-mouth recommendations long, long past, it may seem like the importance of reputation management has faded with time. After all, given how much traffic organic search and paid advertisements can drive to your business’s website, surely brand reputation management is now secondary to something like SEO? This couldn’t […]

Sean Flamand
August 16, 2021
indoor plants being watered indoor plants being watered

6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid During Your Campaign

Marketing might seem simple at first glance. But in reality, there are many digital marketing mistakes to avoid if your campaign is to succeed in driving more leads for your business. Last week, we broke down four big marketing mistakes to watch out for in planning your campaign. But even after the planning stage, there […]

Sean Flamand
July 29, 2021