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a man in a striped sweater looks at a planning board a man in a striped sweater looks at a planning board

4 Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Campaign Before It Starts

So your business has some room in the budget to start a new marketing campaign. You set out, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to get more eyes on your product or service and boost awareness of your brand. What could possibly go wrong? Well, as it turns out, there are a whole lot of marketing mistakes […]

Sean Flamand
July 21, 2021
create your own e-learning platform create your own e-learning platform

Building an E-Learning Platform for Your Brand, Powered by Your Website

In a nutshell, the rented, earned, and owned media that collectively account for your marketing strategy all funnel back to meeting a specific goal for your company. That goal could be sales of products or services, or even building an email list. But there’s another concept that’s emerged throughout the course of our work here […]

Sean Flamand
July 13, 2021

Which is Right for You? Custom-Designed Websites vs. Out of the Box Template

At Alter Endeavors Digital Creative, we believe in the power of the digital ecosystem. A healthy digital ecosystem consists of marketing initiatives that work together to tell your brand’s story and drive results. One of those key elements is your website, where online users are driven to learn more about your brand, including what makes […]

Teylor Schiefelbein
March 22, 2021
benefits of blogging benefits of blogging

3 Key Benefits of Blogging

While many still view blogging as a personal form of expression meant for creators who want to write about their hobbies, what many professionals don’t realize are the numerous benefits of blogging from a business growth standpoint. Blogging has grown to be much more beneficial, and even crucial, for a small businesses’ digital success. What […]

Megan McGrath
September 11, 2020
how often should i update my website how often should i update my website

A Website Development Agency Answers: How Often Should I Update My Website?

Intentional website design is a crucial piece of a company’s digital marketing success. A website can be many things, but first and foremost it’s the first impression of your brand online to a potential client or customer. When your website is straightforward and easy to navigate, the user experience is exponentially better than if your […]

Teylor Schiefelbein
September 2, 2020