Brand Audit & Go to Market Strategy

After identifying needs across your Brand, Platform, and Digital Marketing through extensive research, we build a strategy and roadmap to reach your goals.


We start by assessing where you are on your marketing journey, meeting you there, making a plan to get you where you need to go, and identifying the mile markers that will indicate success.


Sustainable growth won’t happen on its own, it requires an action plan.

This 30-day deliverable begins with a Discovery call led by the Alter Endeavors team. Using our Discovery Questionnaire as a guide for the interview, the goal is to understand what problem the brand solves, who it solves it for, and what makes it uniquely better.

Following the interview, we develop a foundational document that clearly positions the brand in the market in terms of narrative & visual identity. This deliverable also includes a dynamic roadmap that outlines platform needs and future digital marketing strategies to deploy.

This process includes extensive research into current market positioning as well as top competitors — analyzing brand, platform, and messaging as it relates to your target audience. This research drives our Go to Market strategy, allowing us to craft a narrative that celebrates your brand while providing clarity and value to your audience, and establishing necessary KPIs and revenue goals by which to measure the success of our endeavors.


Ready for a sustainable marketing strategy?

Brand Audit & Go to Market Strategy FAQs

Why should a business begin with a Go to Market Strategy?

Our sales process begins with an “Exploratory Assessment,” which helps us determine a brand’s marketing maturity as well as where its marketing bridge may be lacking. In order to be truly effective, we need to ensure its understanding that a platform will never be great with subpar branding and that wasted money, time and effort can be avoided by building out a strategy beforehand. The Go to Market Strategy deliverable gives us the time and space to audit a company’s brand, platform, and strategy and build out a custom proposal.

For more, read this blog post from our CEO, “Why Your Business Needs a Go to Market Plan.”

Is a Go to Market Strategy required in order to engage with you?

No! In short, if you have a working marketing strategy that you would like our team to execute, then we’re ready to get right to work. With that said, if you’re not clear on who you’re target market should be, whether your existing narrative resonates with your audience, or have tried multiple approaches and failed — we highly suggest you pause before diving in. While the research and strategy do not need to stem from us, trust us when we say that having extreme clarity around what problem you solve, exactly who you solve it for, and what makes your brand uniquely better before designing a logo, launching a website, or running Facebook ads will save you time, money, and energy.

We have incredible channel partners we’ve worked with across business development, consumer research, and marketing strategy. If you’re curious as to whether you would be a good candidate for our Brand Audit & Go to Market Strategy service, reach out here.

Do I have to wait for the delivery of the Go to Market Strategy to start anything else?

Much of the research conducted during the Go to Market will also serve our team when creating a Brand Identity. Because of this, these two products can be packaged together for a discounted rate. If, during the audit, the team finds that the existing branding is not serving the target audience — we will approach the client regarding a rebrand.

After auditing your existing marketing bridge and building a solid foundation, the process to create your brand identity, design your website and execute on digital marketing is seamless. That’s the beauty of working with an agency that treats your brand like its own!

Do I have to commit to everything recommended in the Go to Market Strategy?

No! The deliverable is meant to help visualize what your digital ecosystem should look like at full capacity. We will build out what to prioritize over the next ~6 months but can shift things where budgetary and operational constraints are concerned. The goal is for your marketing to be both sustainable and scalable which requires client input.


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