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a palette of colors from a brand style guide a palette of colors from a brand style guide

Why You Need a Brand Style Guide for Your Business

If you saw a McDonald’s with arches that were anything but golden, would you eat there? Or would you be a little suspicious? Consistency is one of the most important aspects of building a recognizable brand. That’s because consistency establishes professionalism and fosters trust. And when it comes to creating a consistent, trustworthy brand, it’s […]

Sean Flamand
September 24, 2021
a woman in a spacesuit points at a screen a woman in a spacesuit points at a screen

What Is Brand Strategy?

Building a defined brand and reaching your audience with it is a difficult process. In some ways, this is made harder by the confusion surrounding the many terms that, together, account for the entire branding and marketing process. Here at Alter Endeavors, when we discuss branding with clients, they often ask us the same question: […]

Sean Flamand
August 31, 2021
brand narrative brand narrative

Essential Steps to Digital Marketing Success: Developing Your Brand Narrative

In the continuation of this blog series, we’re breaking down step two on how to achieve digital marketing success — developing your brand narrative. I highly recommend you first read 5 Essential, Misguided Steps to Digital Marketing Success to get the full picture and then work through step 1, How to Develop a Digital Marketing […]

Teylor Schiefelbein
April 24, 2020
brand strategy & roadmap brand strategy & roadmap

What Does an AE Brand Strategy & Roadmap Include?

At Alter Endeavors Digital Creative, we’re conversion focused. Our goal in any engagement always focuses on our clients’ growth. To achieve this, our process boils down to one pivotal jumping off point – our Brand Strategy & Roadmap. The Brand Strategy gives us an in-depth look into your brand, industry trends, competitors, and your audience. […]

Megan McGrath
July 25, 2019
logo design process logo design process

An In-Depth Look at AEDC’s Logo Design Process — Part Three

In Part One, we walked through our initial steps — including everything we do and need before the true logo design can begin. In Part Two, we dove into the steps beyond the prep; the creative process. In Part Three, we review the branding process and the final files that a client can expect after […]

Teylor Schiefelbein
June 21, 2019