Category: Website Management

3 Website Logins All Website Owners Should Know

As your favorite local tech support person, it’s a constant battle for us to maintain our client’s websites because so often our clients don’t know crucial access information needed to set up and maintain their websites. Too often clients rely solely on a friend or trusted associate to handle all of this information. However, as […]

Steve Joiner
January 10, 2018

Need Website Support? AE’s Hosting Plans May Just be the “Ticket”

There are so many working parts to a website it won’t be long before it needs some help. Perhaps the content is dated, or in your images, you have that funky old haircut. Exactly what were you thinking? Or even worse, text is floating in the left margin, one of your menu items returns a […]

Steve Joiner
August 16, 2017

Soon Your Site Might Be Flagged As “Not Secure”- What Do You Do?

Google has announced that their popular Chrome Browser, starting in October 2017, will flag all websites that are not encrypted and ask for any information through forms, as “not secure.” Website encryption is used to secure data that is given by the visitor while on that website. Google started doing this in January for websites […]

Steve Joiner
May 26, 2017

Why a Website Maintenance Company? The Imperfect Nature of the Internet

Thoughts about the value of a website maintenance company were raised when Christopher Jennings, our Chief Operating Officer at Alter Endeavors, and I had a fascinating conversation awhile back. At the end of the day, we are not creating a product that is permanent. We’re building a product that will eventually break, need updates, and need maintenance— not […]

Aubrey Berkowitz
September 26, 2016

Web Presence Management for Your Business: Three Things to Keep Track Of

What is the key to web presence management for your business? Here are three things to watch. As a business professional, the process of keeping all of your web-related information organized can easily go awry. But, the benefits of keeping this info on hand, from website and social media logins to design elements, should not be taken […]

Nick Alter
August 11, 2016