Building your own landing page is more manageable than ever with tools like Instapage. Heck, you can even create one on MailChimp! But while these resources are cheap and user-friendly, they may not be the best solution for your goals. As website design + development experts, we help our clients make educated decisions that will benefit their business in the long run. And in most cases, this includes opting for a custom landing page over a templated solution.

Before we dive into the big debate, it’s important to fully understand these terms and what your options are.

Landing Page vs. Full Website

There are times when a landing page is more appropriate than a complete website build. Examples include a new book launch or a sign-up form for a one-time event. If there’s a specific objective for a marketing campaign that has its own brand, a landing page can be a more effective and cost-efficient option than a full site.

Landing pages are also great solutions if there’s a quick deadline. We built attorney Jason Hill a landing page in a week’s time, ahead of a presentation he was giving.

Landing Page vs. Splash Page

Defining these terms can be difficult in words, but simple when showing examples: this is an example of a landing page and this is a splash page. Essentially, both are “one-page” sites, but a splash page mimics your typical full website either through a navigation bar or by allowing users to click and “drag” down the page. Both are great, affordable solutions for brands looking to get started online.

Custom Landing Page vs. Landing Page Template

We know we can achieve these 4 things through a custom landing page — whereas a templated option may require some sacrifices on one or more of these points.

1. We will captivate your audience.

We only have 3-5 seconds with a visitor before they make a decision. That decision could be to engage with the brand or go back to Facebook or whatever platform they came from. We want to ensure those 3-5 seconds captivate their attention in order to increase purchases, sign-ups, or whatever the goal may be.

2. We provide a greater range of functionalities.

A custom-built landing page is guaranteed to just do more. From email opt-ins to contact forms, we have complete control over the functionalities, and therefore the user experience.

3. We adhere to best practices. 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal. The objectives we identify during our initial meeting will help direct the design of your custom landing page. We have worked with clients in a broad range of industries and are familiar with what works, as well as what designs should be avoided.

There is a reason that navigation bars and calls-to-action [CTAs] are placed where they are — because we do not want a user to spend his or her 3-5 seconds feeling lost.

4. When we say “custom” — we mean it.

One of the risks of opting for a templated landing page is choosing something that someone else already has. While this isn’t a deal breaker if that someone is in a completely different industry… you may not feel that way when customers have a difficult time recognizing your brand next to your competitor’s.

The trick to following best practices while also standing out is all in the details. And details are our specialty. The same can’t be said for a one-size-fits-all template.


We want you to feel confident that the final product will captivate users, include necessary functionalities, follow best practices and will be yours, and yours alone. Our customized landing pages are affordable and effective solutions for your business goals. Contact us for more information on our process and pricing.