One of the most rewarding aspects of working with clients from different backgrounds is discovering new ways to help our clients pursue their passions.  As a licensed clinical psychologist, wife and mom to four daughters, Dr. Claire Nicogossian is passionate about helping mothers make time to nurture themselves on the journey of motherhood.  She created the Mom’s Well-Being community to help moms gain knowledge, skills and compassion to increase self-care and well-being in motherhood. In this Facebook Ads Case Study, we review how Alter Endeavors is able to utilize Catch Engine, an assessment marketing tool, in order to help our clients achieve their objectives. 

Growing the Community

Wanting to gain the attention of publishers for herself and her book proposal, Dr. Claire came to Alter Endeavors with the goal of growing her online following.  The specific objective entailed growing a relevant (read: not bought) community of 10K between her Facebook followers and her email list.

Dr. Claire needed a Facebook ad campaign to help her community grow, but first, she required a way to connect with her audience: parents who need self-care. 

A Quiz that Cares

In order to provide support for parents, they must first recognize their need for self-care, stress reduction and a supportive community.  We partnered with Dr. Claire to create both the “Burned Out Mom” and “Burned Out Dad” quizzes to help parents realize their own need for self-care and prevent parental burn out.  After taking the quiz, visitors receive helpful advice, tips and an invitation to join the Mom’s Well-Being community to receive further support.

Build It, and They Will Come…?

Well, not always.  You can’t expect your target audience to find your needle of content in the haystack that is the internet.  Hansel and Gretel (your potential clients) may need a little trail of breadcrumbs to find you.  With thoughtful targeting and valuable content, Facebook ads can be a powerful (and cost-effective) way to connect visitors to your site, product or service.

Our strategy was to build an audience that would be the most likely to need the information that Dr. Claire is offering (whether they realize it or not!) .ie – mothers of young children, working moms, mothers interested in self-help and self-care books, etc. Once we had our audience built out, we created an ad that introduced Dr. Claire in an authentic way, communicating how she has her own skin in the game and personally understands the struggles of motherhood with four children of her own. After this growing audience had been exposed to the ad a few times and seemed to feel more comfortable with Dr. Claire and Moms Well-Being as a reputable voice in this space — we introduced the quiz and its purpose.

From there, we created a short and to the point quiz and a short and to the point ad to go along with it. Giving moms the option to take the longer, more in-depth quiz should they have the time for it OR go the “Quick, Are You A Burned Out Mom?” route if they had a strong idea as to which category they would fall into and simply wanted the tips to combat burnout.

Combatting Burnout and Building Community

Not only did people convert and take the quizzes, 90% of those who took a quiz also subscribed to Dr. Claire’s newsletter. On top of that, the ad currently has quite the comment stream going as well as an ever-increasing number of shares. We invite everyone who likes the ad to like the Mom’s Well-Being Facebook page to continue the conversation there. If there were ever any comments from users that seemed to not understand the point of the quiz, saying something along the lines of “I don’t need a quiz to tell me I’m burnt out!” — Dr. Claire would personally respond by explaining the thought she put into the tips someone would receive after taking the quiz. That personal touch helped users see Dr. Claire’s larger mission to provide valuable information to parents who are suffering.

Facebook Ads Case Study: The Results

The end result is that we have surpassed Dr. Claire’s original goal of a community of over 10k and it continues to grow as we provide quality content and nurture conversation! Now, Dr. Claire is able to send her agent overviews of her website traffic, Facebook community and email list as proof that this topic is of interest to moms and dads across the country.

We love working with Dr. Claire and helping her build an authentic community where parents can connect and receive real support! Reach out if you’d like help growing your audience.