Mother’s Day was last week, but after reading this blog by Food52, we were inspired to ask our own moms about their perceptions of our jobs. First of all, our jobs are somewhat nebulous and hard to define as we are a small agency where everyone wears many hats.  Unsure of what exactly to expect, we found their answers sweet, insightful and considerably accurate. Perhaps we should start putting these descriptions under our job titles…

Nick Alter, Principal of Alter Endeavors: When asked to describe Nick’s job in a few sentences, his mom replied:

“He is today’s version of what we used to call public relations. He’s got the hi-tech knowledge and savvy of what it takes to create, develop and promote a client’s brand along with the traditional and down right old-fashioned values of ‘doing business’. He markets with the utmost integrity. He cares. He is in his client’s corner.”

Aww, a really sweet description that encompasses Nick’s values as well as duties.

Christopher Jennings, Director of Web Operations: Christopher’s mom is currently visiting so she has had a front row experience observing his job over the past few days.  Her description:

“Which part of your job? Geeze. I would call you the … I see you as the all around, every side gate keeper. You are the communication hub between all the parties who build the sites. You are the initial contact building that relationship, the voice and hub of the company.”

This might be an even better description than “Director of Web Operations”.

Jamie Alter, Digital Marketing Director: When Jamie asked her mom over text how she would describe her job, this was her mom’s response:

“Hi honey at lunch with the girls but …. what if you build your description off designer social media coordinator. Does that make sense?”

Even though her mom was out to lunch, “literally”, her description sort of encompasses several aspects of Jamie’s position.  Good job Mom.

Aubrey Berkowitz, VP of Business Development: Aubrey’s mom took the time to write this about her son’s job:

“As a whole? I would say that at Alter Endeavors, your job is to take transitional marketing and business practices and reapply them in innovative ways online to help clients’ businesses grow. Your job? To identify new clients as well as support existing clients in business development strategies.”

Fancy! Definitely taking notes from this one.

Thanks to our moms for sharing their unique perspectives with us!