Client: Woodridge Wealth Management

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This site started out as an author-highlight site for Roger C. Davis and his new book. Then, during the second round of mockups of our design process, he decided our work was awesome and needed to represent his company’s entire brand. We love that! Taking a couple steps back and up, we were able to modify our approach fairly quickly to incorporate the company’s messaging and calls to action.

Roger wanted to convey trust and competence without coming across as too corporate or too distant from his intended audience. With our suggestion of an assessment tool, we discovered a system that was uniquely built to serve the needs of financial institutions like Woodridge. Within a week of launching the site, qualified leads were already coming across plate because of this system. For those not in the wealth management realm, Alter Endeavors offers a similar system we can build for your platform.

Working seamlessly across every platform, Woodridge Wealth Management will continue to be a major marketing asset for Roger Davis for years to come. It was a fun and exciting challenge to blend this level of design with our obsession with user flow.