Client: Alite Laser

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Alite Laser is one of Austin’s premier laser hair removal groups. A locally owned and operated business, Alite Laser offers a myriad of services and receives excellent reviews for their outstanding service and customer care.

With three locations and a constantly changing array of services to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques, Alter Endeavors was presented with a unique challenge when developing the Alite Laser website. We needed to create a platform for a site that was already ranking well, but whose conversion rates were suffering. Also, because their old website was created using Adobe’s ColdFusion, the subpage URLs were a mess.

In the end, we came up with a radically different design from what they were already going with, in essence completely recreating their visual representation online. Check out their website. Since site launch, Alite Laser has reported a significant increase in their online interactions, and they have also seen an increase in their SEO!