Client: The Angel’s Forum- TAF

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Over the past 20 years, The Angel’s Forum (TAF) has grown their early stage investment group to become one of the most active and respected groups in Silicon Valley. They have contributed to the success of hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them grow to become healthy and thriving businesses. With corporate partners such as Yamaha Motors, NIPRO and Olympus, The Angel’s Forum proudly invests in Bay Area-based early stage companies once they are able to raise initial capital or generate some revenue.

The Angel’s Forum and Alter Endeavors both work with clients to help them excel and grow their companies. While we help strengthen a brand’s online presence, TAF focuses on getting their clients off the ground and running. They offer entrepreneurs the financial support needed to have a chance to grow their business and succeed. When creating The Angel Forum’s website, we found two things that need to be highlighted—the past success of their many clients and the team that made it happen. So, we created an extensive portfolio page to feature all of their successful clients, as well as a team page to present the people that helped those clients reach their objectives.