Client: ArtisTree Homes

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ArtisTree Homes and Alter Endeavors both build custom creations for clients.  Our creations are digital, while the folks over at ArtisTree Homes build actual, incredible, gorgeous treehouses to wow the kids and the adult in all of us.  They offer clients the tools, resources and knowledge to build innovative treehouses efficiently, creatively and sustainably. 

The ArtisTree motto of “Lofty Thinking. Grounded Design” also translates to their website.  Will Beilharz needed a site that would showcase their beautiful treehouse offerings while also providing information to potential clients and others with an interest in sustainable treehouse building and design.  Our goal was to reskin an existing site to better communicate and display the mission and skills of ArtisTree Homes. More often than not we have to rebuild a site from the ground up with this level of redesign involved, but Artistree’s pre-existing site structure was solid enough for us to be able to rebuild on top of it instead.  The focus was higher legibility and image sizes that could do justice to their awe-inspiring treehouses.