Client: Catherine Zinger

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The Story of Catherine

A writer, speaker, artist and much more, Catherine Zinger has lived her life expanding cultural horizons and exploring different approaches that challenge what we’ve always known.

Philippine-born and currently living in the suburbs of London, Catherine is a regularly contributing blogger to the Huffington Post and has written many essays on her personal page discussing change, compassion, cultures and the curative powers of yoga.

The Website

Catherine had an existing site. As she was beginning new efforts in her career, she needed an update and came to Alter Endeavors. We evaluated her site, offering her direction in strengthening her engagement points, redesigned the site from the ground up, and implemented a range of best strategies.

Catherine Zinger’s website showcases not only who she is and what she stands for but also the work she has accomplished and the many skills she offers to the public. AE designed Catherine’s website to be inviting, warm and writing-forward so that her audience can get to know her and learn about her multitude of skills and insight she has to offer.

We implemented the about page to tell Catherine’s story and beefed up the media and essays pages to display her work. Her audience can easily reach out to her through multiple CTA’s (calls to action) instrumented on her homepage, speaking and contact pages.

(We also incorporated her pet bulldog’s Instagram feed to share his ever-entertaining antics.)