Client: Cindy Stewart

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Cindy Stewart’s passion is helping others find their champion within. By offering guidance in personal development, leadership and relationships, Cindy helps others find their passions and live out their dreams. From one-on-one mentoring to workshops and speaking engagements, Cindy offers help in areas such as relational leadership, building a powerful marriage, conflict resolution and much more.

With her two books Believing God and Believing His Word and 7 Visions: A Glimpse into the Father’s Heart, Cindy offers devotionals that help grow intimacy with God. While her first book Relational Leadership focuses on teaching how to implement the four strategies that will improve one’s ability to lead.

When creating Cindy Stewart’s website, Alter Endeavors focused on exemplifying all that Cindy has to offer while displaying her skills in a clean, organized, and inviting manner that spoke to her different audiences. AE dedicated a different page to each of her specialties: personal development, leadership, relationships, and speaking as well as highlighting her media presence. These search engine searchable landing pages inform not only the human visitors to the site, but also the search engines that organize and present that information on the web. As separate URLs, each of Cindy’s offerings can be shared by herself and others.

One special challenge was implementing the many outlets through which users can interact with Cindy. This includes taking a quiz to see where you are on your journey to becoming a champion, listening to her podcasts, learning about and participating in her webinars, finding the information about where she is speaking next,  investigating her books and reading her blog on identity. (Phew!) A strong call to action is important to draw her potential mentees in, so AE implemented a contact form that is prominent on most of the pages to encourage visitors to start a conversation with Cindy.