Client: Customer Bliss

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Jeanne Bliss is the foremost expert in the field of Customer Service. As a matter of fact, she pioneered the position of Chief Customer Officer. To see how overwhelmingly qualified she is, we recommend you visit her site rather than listen to us prattle on about it. And that is the fantastic thing about the site we built for Jeanne Bliss, it establishes her authenticity and expertise in a matter of seconds.

For Customer Bliss, our focus during the site design and development phase involved building a space for Jeanne Bliss the author and Jeanne Bliss the speaker and Jeanne Bliss the consultant, etc. Customer Bliss needed to be a malleable space where Jeanne could flex and expound upon her many talents.

Jeanne’s “Bag of Groceries” became one of our favorite elements of the Customer Bliss site. Because Jeanne offers such a wealth of content to her site visitors, we developed multiple instances where they could earn certain content pieces worth more than just sitting on a page.

Jeanne’s site continues to evolve as Alter Endeavors work alongside another digital strategy group to exponentially increase Jeanne’s subscriber base.