Client: Cynergy Data Texas

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Simple. Professional. Focused. These were the words that built this site. Since this was web design for a financial services company, it was important that content was not only well-organized but compliant with all the government regulations that surround any website pertaining to financial services/products.

Cynergy Data Texas is a stellar example of one of Alter Endeavor’s foundation-level site builds (sites that fall in the $5000-$8000 price range). Like everything we do, this site is mobile responsive (meaning it works well on a mobile phone) and hyper-focused on driving folks to the information and points of action they are looking for when they are shopping for their last credit card processor.

Recently, we have also begun working¬†with Cynergy to further spread awareness about their brand online with monthly blog articles and social media strategy. It’s important to understand why a merchant service¬†provider like Cynergy Data Texas is still relevant with the Paypals and Stripes of the world.