Client: Dallas Global Industrial Center

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This site represents the Alter Endeavors approach to commercial real estate website design and development. What better way to showcase property website design and development than with one of the largest warehouse and manufacturing spaces available in Texas? Dallas Global offers over 4.8 million square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space.

Cushman and Wakefield needed a space where they could quickly and cleanly layout available buildings and leasing options at Dallas Global while also quickly communicating the overarching amenities available at this property.

Initially the client wanted a one-page site, a currently favored trend in website design and development. For SEO reasons, for site load time reasons, for navigations and, most importantly, for user experience reasons Alter Endeavors NEVER offers one page site design (unless it’s for a simple landing page.) Instead, we developed an entire user experience strategy for Dallas Global. International prospects need to be able to land on this site, use Google Translate and still be able to efficiently navigate this space to see if it fits their Commercial Real Estate property needs. Alter Endeavors made it happen for Dallas Global, and we continue to support their site with content and stability updates.