Client: Dr. Claire Nicogossian

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In order for Dr. Claire to take the next step in her career, we rebuilt her site and helped update and better define her brand by creating two separate websites. Dr. Claire operates as a licensed clinical psychologist, writer and author that provides counseling to individuals, couples and families. We wanted her websites to demonstrate her passion for helping people create, cultivate and maintain emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being through self-care skills and strategies. Dr. Claire’s very popular Mom’s Well Being website was created specifically to provide knowledge, skills, and compassion for self-care during motherhood. Her personal brand site, establishes her authority in her respective field while actively feeding visitors to

Self-care is important at every stage in life, which is why both websites feature Catch Engine quizzes to evaluate your well-being as an individual or as a parent. Her personal website documents her story, background, speaking engagements and frequent Q & A sessions.

We ensured that both websites worked together with her current web presence to promote her work as a clinical psychologist and improve the well-being of parents and non-parents alike. They complement one another both in branding and in content and illustrate Dr. Claire as the driving force behind both sites. Alter Endeavors was responsible for the design and development of both websites.