Client: Fast Eddie’s Billiards and Sports Bars

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The guys at Fast Eddie’s Sports Tavern and Social Club are serious about having a good time. Believe us on this one. They have opened 20 stores over the last 13 years and have plans to keep it going. They came to Alter Endeavors to help get their internet house together, clean it up, make it as accessible as possible and as easy to manage while still looking professional. We are also responsible for setting up all of their public Facebook profile pages for their 20 locations. We cannot stress enough how important public pages are for restaurants in the long run.

It’s important to note that Alter Endeavors has been supporting Fast Eddie’s for over three years now. We are very proud of the work we have done for this brand and are very excited about the work we will continue to do!

UPDATE: Recently we have updated the Fast Eddie’s website and created the Eddy’s Tavern concept online. This is perhaps the most ambitious design and development project we have tackled to date. All in all, there are 21 websites involved.