Client: Hero Clean

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Hero Clean – THE Cleaning Product for Guys

Go to your nearest Target or Ace Hardware and check the shelves for Hero Clean. Founded by Mike Eaton, Hero Clean is a modern line of household cleaning products scientifically formulated to tackle the toughest stains, odor and messes.

The idea of Hero Clean started a few years ago with an innocent run to the grocery store for laundry detergent. After trying in vain to find one that didn’t smell offensively sweet or floral – it dawned on Mike that nothing in the cleaning products aisle was effective in addressing serious grime. And so with the help of a few others, Hero Clean was born.

The Website

With the desire for a completely new look, AE executed the redesign for Hero Clean’s homepage, header and footer. The Hero Clean homepage is bold and effective just like their product. The page outlines everything a potential customer might want to know: the products, how they work, where to buy them and just who this line was made for. The header for the Hero Clean page immaculately displays the menu that leads to the product, about section, blog and contact pages as well as links to their social presence and a call-to-action to buy the starter kit. The footer includes multiple CTA’s such as the option to follow Hero Clean on social media, subscribe to their newsletter or apply to be a Hero Clean Grime Syndicate Ambassador.

Alter Endeavors also incorporate specific pages for the brand’s ambassador program — the Grime Syndicate. It is on these pages that moms, first responders, military members, and athletes show how they put Hero Clean to the test in their own lives.