Client: The Karen Martin Group

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Karen came to Alter Endeavors because her website was not what she needed it to be from either a design or functionality or admin standpoint. This was a problem for Karen, who relies on her site to demonstrate her level of knowledge and expertise to thousands of folks every month. The challenge was the sheer amount of content – its organization, display, upkeep and scalability. The Karen Martin Group website had a lot design elements already in play that we needed to keep intact, as well as a bunch of URLs that needed to be accounted for with a new website. One mistake would cost Karen thousands of views and possibly cost her business. Of course, we could not or would not let that happen. What’s more, the site setup on the backend for her to easily and quickly update and organize her content was in complete disarray.

Alter Endeavors focused on reorganizing the site layout. Each primary page on The Karen Martin Group site had to be strategically laid out, as did each custom post type template. Initially this project was to be a reskin of the existing site, but about 2 weeks into the project we decided to commit to a full site rebuild, addressing our entire website design and development process, starting with content, addressing design and eventually completely rebuilding the backend of the site. The project became a lot more than we anticipated over here at Alter Endeavors, but we were committed to doing it right, so despite doubling our originally anticipated workload, that’s exactly what we did.

The end result is a masterpiece of backend development coupled with strong front-end design and stellar content structure. Of course, it helps that Karen and her team have truly amazing and beneficial content. The Karen Martin Group is a treasure trove for anyone looking for organizational performance improvements. Anyways, we are very proud and excited of the end result of this project.

Now we support Karen month in and month out, working with her to take her web presence to the next level of visibility and engagement.

Here’s a bit more information about The Karen Martin Group:

Over the past 24 years, Karen Martin, the President of the Karen Martin Group, has helped organizations of all types and sizes improve their organizational performance through applying her Lean Management philosophy. The Karen Martin Group focuses on helping clients create strategies, operations, and work environments that drive profitability and growth, deliver exceptional customer value, and maximize human potential. What differentiates the Karen Martin Group from other firms? No junior consultants, no one-size-fits-all approaches, and no misalignment around expectations. The Karen Martin Group is a partner in your success and is deeply committed to helping you achieve your goals.