Client: Lisa Nirell

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Lisa Nirell, more commonly known as the Mindful Marketer, is on a mission to help courageous CEOs and CMOs accelerate growth and innovation. She assists her clients by helping them understand how they currently fare as a mindful marketer and sharing ways they can improve.

CEOs and CMOs are busy people; Lisa reaches them by being direct in her writing, speaking engagements, executive coaching and “quick hit” brainstorming sessions. In order to keep up with her, Alter Endeavors had to design and develop a website that conveyed Lisa’s extensive background and impactful services in a concise and convincing way.  We achieved this by including a space for Lisa to share her innovative and powerful thoughts on mindful marketing.  A Catch Engine quiz enables visitors to test their organization’s level of mindful growth.  A dedicated space for success stories and videos demonstrates how implementing Lisa’s strategies results in growth. Lastly, we funnel visitors to Lisa’s speaker demo, where you can get a feel for who she is and the wealth of knowledge she has to offer her clients.