Client: Nineveh Ministries

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The Mission

Nineveh Ministries empowers juvenile offenders in Texas to find purpose, grow personally and be equipped for the world beyond the fences and walls. This is done through core values such as strong relationships, partnerships, spirituality and focusing on the whole person (heart, soul, mind and body).

Nineveh Ministries strives to implement an effective juvenile offender ministry model into every county throughout Texas. Their mission is to establish a trusting relationship with youth and stay by their side no matter where they are in life— with the goal of breaking the cycle of incarceration and helping juvenile offenders find their purpose in life.

The Website

The Nineveh Ministries website serves several audiences and purposes.

It serves as a mouthpiece for the ministry, getting out the message of their mission and the many programs put in place to achieve that goal. The programs section gives detailed descriptions of the different programs offered: in-facility ministry, mentoring, character and life skills classes, and the jail to jobs program so website visitors can get a better idea of what programs Nineveh Ministries provides.

A unique part of Nineveh Ministries is their reliance on the community and volunteers, so Alter Endeavors implemented a “Get Involved” page dedicated to the different ways people can assist them in helping youth. From volunteering, becoming a business partner, joining the prayer team or signing up for the newsletter, there are endless ways to join the community Nineveh Ministries has created. Easily accessed contact and signup forms with accompanying calls to action are prominent throughout this page.

The site serves as a resource hub for both the “homies” (what they call the juveniles in the program) and volunteers. A gateway on the home page leads to resource pages for each, helping them navigate quickly to the information and items they need.

Nineveh Ministries hosts fundraisers throughout the year. Advertising space for these events was added to the homepage. These link to landing pages for those events, featuring information and opportunities to sign-up.

Nineveh has offices throughout Texas. The homepage section takes visitors to the facilities page. Each of those locations has its own page where it can post updates and feature their contact information. Each of these landing pages has its own URL and is easily linked to and from social media platforms and newsletters.

Finally, the site is a gathering place for all of Nineveh Ministries online assets, with links to their social media, and housing their newsletters and blog posts.

Alter Endeavors was proud to partner with this vital ministry to help make a meaningful impact in the juvenile offender community by providing our services at a reduced non-profit rate.