Client: Project HEAL

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Alter Endeavors is always looking to give back to the community on a local, regional, national and international level. Project HEAL happens to be an international organization looking to help folks with their battles against anorexia.

After assessing their needs, we provided services to Project HEAL at about 35% what we would normally charge for a project of this size. They have dozens of chapters, an e-commerce platform, email signup, grant applications, resources, survivor stories and more. As stated, not a small platform.

Website design and development for non-profits requires a lot of coordination between various factions who all have to weigh in on our process. The important thing for us is helping the Client understand how to make their site effective for their target audiences. It’s imperative that donors can access online donation portals quickly and easily. And it’s even more important for folks at-risk to be able to find the resources they need efficiently and without frustration.

To us, it’s more than just building a website. We spent months working with Project HEAL to optimize their user experience to best fit the needs of those they serve. Whether you work with us or not, becoming as accessible as possible¬†should be your primary focus when developing a digital platform for any site geared towards helping others in need.