Client: Red Cape Revolution

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When you are a thought leader with as much great content as Darcy Eikenberg, creating a well-balanced, user-friendly digital platform becomes something of puzzle. Red Cape Revolution needed to accomplish a few things for a few different people, including herself:

  1. Quickly direct folks looking for a career coach to her consulting/coaching services
  2. Provide a consistently-updated blog for folks to keep coming back to for inspirations and ideas relevant to their own career goals.
  3. Provide easy-to-find “Free Tools” for folks needing career advice
  4. Promote her books
  5. Promote her coaching & speaking services
  6. Grow her email list

And this is the list we arrived at after a few rounds of brainstorming! Anyways, this site represents a ton of thoughtful insight into targeted user experiences being blended into a single platform. It definitely helped to have such a thoughtful, intelligent brand owner working alongside us every step of the way. Our hats are off to Red Cape Revolution. We are not only proud of the work we have done for Darcy, we are proud to support her incredible brand. And we will continue to support Darcy with our monthly ongoing services.