Client: SC Moatti

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SC Moatti is a big deal in the digital mobile world. Not gonna lie, we were a bit intimidated at the beginning of this project. Our clients expect us to know more than them when it comes to web design and development across all devices. I mean, why would you work with us otherwise? With SC we learned as much as we taught during this project.

Working with SC was brilliant. We consider our process to be a collaborative effort with our clients. Essentially we provide the framework through which their brand’s genius will shine through, mobile responsive design and all. With SC, the process was more about getting down to the essence of digital engagement. It was about simplicity and cutting out any unnecessary elements to really pin down the essence of the mobilized message with incredibly clear, strong calls to action driving the site visitor towards intentional, targeted engagement.

This is a super solid example of how minimalistic design can exponentially augment the purpose and effectiveness of your digital space. Again, our hats are off to SC Moatti and her perspective.