Client: Tech Contracts

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Attorney and author David W. Tollen enjoys taking a big, complex topic and making it simple and clear.  That’s what he’s done with his book, The Tech Contracts Handbook, and that’s what he does in his trainings on IT agreements.  We endeavored to do the same with his website,  As an expert witness, attorney, author and tech training facilitator, David Tollen requires a versatile site that will clearly direct visitors to purchase his book, inquire about in-house trainings or expert witness engagements, explore sample contracts and clauses or read his latest articles.

As a business in the tech space, we were thrilled to be asked to develop, design and build a responsive site for a tech thought leader like David Tollen.  We provided the framework and David brought the expert content.  Cutting out any extraneous design noise allows David’s message and valuable material to shine.  We organized the information in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm visitors, but leads them to take action by either purchasing The Tech Contracts Handbook or reading more information about David as a speaker and expert witness. Congratulations to David on a solid and clearcut site!