Client: Trusty Oak

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As the former VP of Operations at our sister agency, Shelton Interactive, Amber McGinty brought a wealth of expertise and industry insight when it came to starting her own US-based virtual assistant company, Trusty Oak.  Amber is no novice when it comes to working with a team to create a website that will accurately reflect a brand and help lead visitors to take a specific desired action, like purchasing a monthly virtual assistant plan.  Her goal is to reach people and businesses short on time and resources that need an extra hand. 

Amber’s customers don’t have time to search around a website for the information they need.  The compelling visuals and easily navigated design and layout draw attention to her plans and pricing, customer testimonials and blog.  The website provides examples of what tasks Trusty Oak assistants can handle for potential clients and supplies testimonies from the many satisfied clients, including Alter Endeavors.

The design of the site is right in line with the modern service that Trusty Oak provides and functions as efficiently as Trusty Oak employees.