Crescent introduced a disruptive brand to a market that is complex and competitive.

Client Name

Crescent Specialty

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Specialty Insurance

Our Process

Crescent Specialty is an independent MGA & Wholesaler focused on the energy and marine sectors. We partnered with Crescent Speciality to create their written narrative, visual brand identity, and Go to Market strategy. We then delivered a simple and modern platform that puts the problem they solve, who they solve it for, and what makes Crescent Speciality uniquely better than other specialty insurance firms at the forefront.

Paint Point:  The need to introduce a disruptive brand to a market that is complex and competitive.

AE Services


Brand Identity
Brand Collateral
Go to Market Strategy


Website Design
Website Development




We approach “Brand” in 3 parts: written narrative, visual identity, and strategy.  To develop a compelling narrative, key decision-makers undergo an exploratory process, coupled with market, competitor, and audience research. We then base their visual identity and Go to Market strategy on their target audiences and what they care about most. The end result is a fiercely independent brand that challenges the status quo.



The specialty insurance market is a complex space, with websites that simultaneously feel overwhelming yet vague. We aimed to do things differently with the Crescent Specialty platform. Due to the nature of their business and the fact that most offerings are highly customized according to the client, we offer a clear delineation between their service lines and encourage the user to contact the Crescent team rather than dig through pages that don’t speak to their needs.

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