The goal was to establish Prime Clinic as a disruptive service provider in a misunderstood market.

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Prime Clinic was a men’s health clinic based in Austin, Texas that specialized exclusively in male sexual performance and satisfaction (Dr. Cross has since closed the practice after a successful few years and moved to France!). By partnering with Alter Endeavors, owner David Cross entrusted us with creating his visual brand identity, written narrative, and Go to Market strategy to then deliver a standout modern platform that puts the problem he solves, who he solves it for, and what makes Prime Clinic uniquely better than other men’s health clinics at the forefront.

Paint Point: The goal was to establish Prime Clinic as a disruptive service provider in a misunderstood market.

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We approach “Brand” in 3 parts: written narrative, visual identity, and strategy. To develop a compelling narrative, key decision-makers undergo an exploratory process, coupled with market, competitor, and audience research. We then base their visual identity and Go to Market strategy on their target audiences and what they care about most. The end result is a brand that champions sexual performance, removing shame from the conversation around erectile dysfunction.



The website for Prime Clinic is designed in a way that appeals to men looking to improve their sexual performance, no matter their age. We also needed to make it clear that Dr. David Cross is a medical professional, not a snake oil salesman promising the impossible. Users have the ability to click through the Prime Clinic’s available services, read through patient testimonials, and an extensive blog and resource library before scheduling their free initial consultation.


Digital Marketing

Our team executes on the digital marketing strategy by creating social media content that is engaging and educational and is consistent with the Prime Clinic’s visual identity. We also manage a robust Google PPC campaign, targeting Austin users who are actively searching for a solution to improve sexual performance. These campaigns drive users to the Prime Clinic site, to then call or submit a contact form to schedule their initial consultation.

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