Alright, I don’t get it. Quite frankly I’m surprised Facebook let this one fall through the cracks, even if it was the advertisee’s fault.

On one of my client’s personal accounts today, I saw this add for Here is why you should always consult someone like me before you run an ad on Facebook. I checked my client’s interests, his marital status and everything else, and even though he is an older man, this advertisement means nothing to him. At an average of a $1 per click, can someone like this really afford to be advertising to someone as irrelevant as my client, if they really are after single, sincere, older men? I can guaruntee you that this advertisement will lose this company hundreds, if not thousands of dollards unless they fix their demographic target. Not only that, but eventually Facebook will most likely catch on and kill the ad completely, meaning they will have to start all over again for trying to solicit older men with “married” set as their status.

This is just one more example of what you need to watch out for when advertising on Facebook. If you are nervous, confused, unsure, whatever, feel free to drop me an email about your ad before you publish it.