Psssstttt…. You have a smartphone in your pocket, right? Maybe a tablet or two in your possession? And you surf the web on them, right?

How do you find that experience? Have you noticed that some sites are just watered down versions of the full site, while others are just small versions of the full site that make clicking a link or reading the text a challenge?

But have you also noticed that some sites automatically adjust themselves for your mobile device, keeping all of the content of the full site while making your experience pleasant and useful?

When you find a site that just naturally adjusts to your phone or tablet, you are looking at a site that has been designed responsively. This is called responsive web design. It responds to the way the user has come visiting. And at Alter Endeavors, our goal is to provide you with a responsive site, one that works well for all of your visitors. And considering that one-fifth of web browsers are on a mobile device and that number is growing fast, you need a responsive site.

How Does Responsive Web Design Work?

Here’s a way to see responsive web design in action. If you’re on a full-sized computer, grab the right edge of your browser window and drag it in. Notice that as the window gets narrower, this site rearranges things to make them work with whatever width you’re seeing. Phones are narrow, tablets are in the middle, and full computers are the full size. If you’re on a device, you’re seeing the version that is best for you.

Or you can look at the handy images below. Just click on a thumbnail for a better view.

Remember, these are all the same site. These look different in different situations because our designers and developers use their magical powers* to make sure ALL of your visitors get the best possible experience.

Do you have a site? Open it on your phone. How’s that look? If you think it could be better, it’s time to get in touch with us. And if you don’t have a site? We’ll make sure that everyone can enjoy your new site no matter what technology they are using. You should get in touch with us, too.

*note: Magical powers may come from years of experience and training, all work is performed on a closed track, do not try this at home.