At Alter Endeavors, we believe that a major key to success for your brand is being genuine. The more you express yourself and your brand in a genuine way, the more likely the audience is to engage and become a loyal customer. So, one of our lead Senior Consultant’s at Alter Endeavors, Aubrey Berkowitz, is here to talk to you about creating an engaging, content-based, and most of all genuine, strategy for your brand.

I want my company to be seen as innovative online. I’m willing to do anything to drive more traffic. Why shouldn’t I try something different?

There’s always that inherent fear that “if everyone else is doing it, then we should be too”. At Alter Endeavors, we believe in building online platforms for our clients. This is inherently a more long-term approach. Rather than join each and every social media channel as it emerges, we take a moment to analyze whether it’s a platform our audience is on and what kind of value we can bring to them by being on it. This doesn’t mean that we avoid innovation, but rather we prefer to develop a complete strategy rather than rush to join in on a trend. In digital marketing, the pioneers get killed and the settlers get the land. 

So what should I focus on in digital marketing? 

As a Senior Consultant here at Alter Endeavors, I always tell our clients—don’t focus on what everyone else is doing, focus on being you. People will work with companies they trust, and the way you position your messaging online allows businesses to build trust with the customer before they ever even engage. The brands that have the most success are the brands that stay genuine. Your digital marketing efforts should follow the same logic. The mission of digital marketing is to create meaningful conversations and through those conversations initiate pathways to convert the user into a customer. 

Why is a content-based strategy the most effective way to grow engagement? 

It’s not just about engagement but quality engagement. We want to have conversations online with the right people—users that could potentially become customers or clients one day. From that perspective, simply paying for traffic through Google Ad words or Facebook PPC campaigns isn’t always the most effective strategy. At the end of the day, the internet has become the number one source of content on the planet. We use the internet for a variety of reasons, but it always comes back to content. Content-based strategies rely on that user need and the resulting value exchange. By creating quality content, a user will be a more qualified prospect to be a future client or customer. The secret is including calls to action or conversion points within the content that integrates a business’ sales process.

What are some recent strategies used by Alter Endeavors to grow traffic and engagement? 

Sometimes the solution doesn’t involve more volume online—and that can be an eye-opening conversation. First, at Alter Endeavors, we evaluate the “online hub”. Where are you driving traffic back to in the first place? The answer should be a well-branded website with appropriate messaging. You can’t convert traffic into customers if the conversion points don’t exist. 

Secondly, we’ve recently had a great deal of success using Facebook and Social Media Ad campaigns. Our team creates customized target markets based on each individual client that focus on engaging with the right users. These social media ads are usually tied to blog posts that include valuable and relevant content.

Finally, our tool Catch Engine has been a huge success story for Alter Endeavors. Catch Engine is a quiz or assessment for small businesses, speakers, authors, or thought leaders to promote engagement on their site while receiving information such as emails, names and qualifying data. Think of it as a way to turn goofy Facebook quizzes, such as “What Disney Princess Are You?” into a revenue-generating tool. 

It’s time to get started!

We hope that this served as an informative, how-to for what to do to increase engagement for your brand and that you feel better prepared to plan your online strategy. Are you ready to increase your engagement online? If so, contact us and ask for Aubrey.