SEO is not the mystery it once was. Sure, Google seeks to constantly change the game. (They do so to confound those who use the strategies for evil, not good.) There are, however, some consistent simple methods for increasing your website’s SEO.

Wait. What is SEO? Ah. Glad you asked. SEO (pronounced es-ee-oh) stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO is set of practices to increase your site’s presence in searches.

A Few Prime Keys to SEO

Mobile Compatibility. Wow. This is huge. HUGE. Google changed the way they evaluate sites in April. If your site is not optimized for mobile—and if you don’t know what that even means—stop what you are doing and contact us right now. Three months have passed since this important change. If you’re falling short of Google’s standards, when your potential customers search for you on their phones, you’re not showing up where you could be. During commuting times, weekends, and evenings, more than half of first-time site interactions now happen on mobile, and this number keeps climbing. Are you getting it? Dropping the ball here isn’t only no bueno, it’s a critical fail.

Your Address. Hmm. Seems like a no-brainer, right? The first step to people finding your services is the search engines knowing where you are located. Also, insure that everywhere your address is on the web, it is precisely the same. “2304 West Avenue” is different from “2304 W Avenue” and “2304 West Ave.” Seems incidental to us, but it’s crucial to the little robots who scan the web. (Robots are literal.)

Updated Content. Blogs. Primary page updates. Search engines are happy when they see things change. (By the way. Blog posts don’t have to be long, in fact, most readers like short and informative articles.)

Vibrant Social Media. Maybe you’re rocking it on your Facebook page. Your Twitter account is constantly lit up with offers and things for your target market. Instagram is flush with photos of your daily or weekly specials.  If these are not associated with your site by links, or even better, a feed on your site, you’re missing a paddle to the SEO boat.

Google Presence. Google loves company and wants you on their network. First, be sure Google has your information. Sign up for Google Business. Also, do you have industry specific content for which you can shoot small videos? (I recently assembled a BBQ grill and watched a fellow on YouTube put it together first.) Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Case in point, this YouTube star who opens Disney toys.

SEO: Your Website’s Bestie

So much of the search engines’ friendship with your site is determined by your content. Here’s a question: How does your site hold up against those items above? While it can seem overwhelming, there are solutions that can be put in place. From a site update for mobile compatibility, to redesign on a platform where you can enter new content, or having someone else write posts and manage your social media—all doable. We can help.

To chat about making search engine optimization your pal, talk to us today.