Ongoing Site Management

With our Ongoing Site Management program, Alter Endeavors becomes your website concierge. Through our easy-to-use ticketing system, you can request everything from help with posting a blog, designing a graphic for a page, adding a new functionality to your site, adding new pages, editing old pages, coding help, etc.

Even more, our Ongoing Site Management program reduces the cost of all of our services by 20% per hour while allowing us to cut down on time spent simply learning how your platform is built. Here is what our Ongoing Site Management program includes: 

  • A team member to knock out all of those things you’ve been meaning to change out or update on your site!
  • Complimentary hosting on Media Temple servers — among the most secure and reliable in the world.
  • Hacking recovery and diagnostics in an age when hackers are actively targeting US-based websites.
  • Weekly site backups — peace of mind that your content isn’t going anywhere!
  • A complimentary hour of support time that can roll over up to 3 hours.
  • Faster support ticket response times.
  • Our reduced hourly rate of $100/hour for all services (normally $125/hour).
  • An SSL certificate (normally $100/year) + installation (an up to $400 process) for FREE when you sign up for our Ongoing Site Management program for 1 year.