Website Design & Development

Our process starts with goals. What are you looking to accomplish with your digital platform? Your website, the nexus for your entire digital ecosystem, needs to empower the visitors to your brand to take actions you intend for them to take in order to achieve the goals you have set for your brand to accomplish both online and off.

Designing and building your website with Alter Endeavors goes well past the idea of “stunning” or “beautiful”. Designing a website to be gorgeous means nothing if the site does nothing to drive traffic to the most essential and crucial conversion points that mean either growing your owned audience presence and/or generating a lead or selling a product. Of course, we demand from ourselves visually impressive work that will make any potential site visitor stop and appreciate the level of excellence your brand commands, but visual impact must guide site visitors to take action if  you intend to meet your goals. 

With our team, you get to work with experts who will not only listen to what you are looking to build, but also guide you through our comprehensive process, do the heavy lifting, set expectations/deadlines, and work tirelessly to make your brand stand out and above everyone else. Because every brand is different, Alter Endeavors follows a strict process that starts with discovery and then flowing along a path to strategy, then functionality, then architecture and user flow, then content,  then design and finally development. Content tends to be the most challenging part of the process for our clients, thus why we offer content creation and management services as a recommended, yet optional, add-on service to the website design and development process.

Although we build on the WordPress platform, we design and build every site from the ground up. The average lifespan of an effective website should last 4 – 6 years before it needs any kind of major overhaul, mainly because of how radically technologies and user behaviors change in that amount of time, but also because a brand and its goals do so as well. There are, of course, exceptions to the 4-6 year rule, especially if the site was built exceptionally well from the very beginning.  More importantly however, all websites should be treated as living and breathing entities if they have any chance of being effective growth engines and the hub of your digital ecosystem.  If your brand is actively growing and changing week by week, month over month, you need a platform specifically built and optimized to handle those changes and that growth in an efficient and affordable manner during its effective lifecycle.

During our process, we will address search optimization for your site with Google and other search engines. Every site we develop includes the building blocks for powerful SEO strategy; however, depending on your pre-existing presence online, we also offer SEO Foundation and Migration services.

Lastly, after the website design and development process, we won’t just move on and disappear. A dynamic, living site is a lot like a car. It will need maintenance. You will have full access to your platform, and we will build it in such a way that you could easily manage blogs, adding new content and even new pages as you see fit. That being said, many of our clients choose our Ongoing Site Management program for security, stability and to keep things looking professional and on point.

At Alter Endeavors, we are on a mission to elevate every brand we work with to the next level. This is our craft, and we are very, very good at what we do. The internet is a harsh, demanding and noisy landscape. By treating your website design and development with the respect and level of excellence it deserves, Alter Endeavors offers an edge to your brand’s digital presence seldom found in a sea of DIY projects and faceless cookie-cutter themes.