WordPress users should definitely consider using Yoast for your site SEO needs. I installed recently on my own website and love how easy it makes filling in the meta info for every page.

There is one step you have to address (which I forgot to initially, and a reader kindly pointed out to me today). You will find this set of instructions under the title section of the Yoast menu on your dashboard. It reads:

Be aware that for WordPress SEO to be able to modify your page titles, the title section of your header.php file should look like this:

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

If you can’t modify or don’t know how to modify your template, check the box below. Be aware that changing your template will be faster.

So, remember first to install and activate the Yoast plugin, and then go to your template and edit the header.php file with the above information, and nothing else. Otherwise your Title for your site will look like Alter EndeavorsAlter Endeavors. Lemme know if you have any questions and Happy New Year everyone. And thank you Yoast for creating such an awesome tool! If you need more help or need to know more, then please visit this blog article from Yoast talking about integration.