“You’re making my dreams come true.”

I’ve been told this a few times now. As operations director here at Alter Endeavors—i.e. the guy who guides the teams working with our clients to design, organize, and build their sites—there are few statements that make me smile more.

My teams assemble the nuts and bolts of the site, being sure not only the calls-to-action are in place, but also that our sites are the best they can be across all devices and platforms. Alter Endeavors is currently working on quite a few sites, all of them at various stages within our process. As you can imagine, it’s too easy to get lost in the day-to-day.

“You’re making my dreams come true.”

A comment like this is a gut check. It causes us to look up and remember the bigger picture, the “why” behind what we do. It’s what makes me love my job. Nick created this web development company with an eye on more. His goal is to “return the human element” to the site building process. Part of that element is the “dream.”

The small business who re-builds their website to be mobile responsive, and increase their positioning in the search engine’s results, does so to bring people into their store or restaurant.

The author who puts up a site for her new book, and creates a blog full of dynamic content, has an eye on furthering her message and audience—looking beyond the current book launch to a well-branded platform, able to accelerate the next book launch and the next on the Amazon Best Seller lists.

The restaurant group who engages their customer base through ongoing social media channels, intent on delivering the information their audience wants. This same group builds a hub where customers quickly and easily find daily specials, location information, and hours. They care about their customers’ experience before they even walk through the door.

All of these are people with dreams. These are people living their dreams.

I know not all of our clients would say it this way. “You’re making my dreams come true” can come across too flowery. However, whatever they choose to call it, the truth remains—they stepped out and gave it a shot.

These are our favorite people to work with. The dreamers. The chance takers. The doers.

That moment when we pull the lever, when we direct the servers to the new site, when our client has a new and better face on the web—that moment is as exciting for us as it is for our clients.

Because, you see, nothing makes the Alter Endeavors team more happy than seeing—and being part of–a dream come true.