Lulu, Alter Endeavor’s morale officer, fulfilling her critical support role.

Hello! I’m Jamie Alter, the Digital Marketing Director for Alter Endeavors, and I own Alter Endeavors alongside my husband, Nick. While Nick runs around town, meeting face-to-face with clients,  I spend my time developing and coordinating marketing materials for our clients’ day to day digital needs.  I thought I would share my perspective on Alter Endeavors.

Alter Endeavors started as a husband-wife team that has grown to include several employees, over a dozen contractors, and the sweetest Shih Tzu you will ever meet.  Everyone who works for or with Alter Endeavors is US-based, most of us right here in Austin! Homegrown in the ATX, who we are is what makes us good at what we do. Our approach is unique to every client, tailored to their specific needs while adhering to ever-changing best marketing practices online.

We provide bespoke solutions for website design, development and online marketing. Our products don’t come out of a box, one size does not fit all.  We are a full-service boutique agency with everything from social media to SEO.  However, you may not need everything we offer, nor are you required to sign up for everything.  We can help you reach your goals by evaluating what you have and what tools you need to propel your brand forward. We provide solutions such as branding, logo design, and content creation so you can focus on what makes your business successful.  

We are interested in helping you to establish an online presence that will speak to your desired community and aid in building your online empire. We’re a part of our community, our clients are also our friends. While competitive, we aren’t demanding California transplant prices, reflecting our roots as a small family business in Austin. We get things done as quickly as possible, but our processes are built around the “done right” philosophy rather than the “done right now” mindset. To build the right marketing foundation for brands online, we involve our clients in our process. 

Our clients range from local businesses, (a local favorite is  Square Cow Moovers) to restaurant and property groups, national authors and thought leaders in their industries. One of my favorite areas we specialize in is building platforms for female thought leaders who help empower women in the business sphere, like Jennifer Kahnweiler, Katty Kay, Claire Shipman, Jeanne Bliss, Darcy Eikenberg, SC Moatti.

Ultimately, Alter Endeavors is about building relationships. Nick and I have been together since we were fifteen, and we take almost as much pride in the relationships and growth with our clients as we do our own. We help clients build relationships and rapport with their communities, local and online.  

-Jamie Alter (and Lulu too)


Lulu, the Shih Tzu: “Go into the office? We have a large comfy couch right here!”