Howdy folks, Nick here. In marketing it’s common to hear the term “differentiator” when trying to pin down a strategy and identity for a brand. What makes you different from the other guys? Here at Alter Endeavors, we used to use this term, like everyone else, when working on brand strategy with our clients, but there was a common and inherent problem whenever we got to this part of the discussion with our clients. Nine times out of ten our clients would hit a wall when we asked them what makes them different from their competitors. 

Most businesses, and by most I mean more than 95% of all businesses out there, did not dramatically revolutionize a product, service or offering. They simply found ways to make it just better enough to step out and above the competition. The term differentiation conveys a need for the offering to be completely different, revolutionary even. In reality most businesses evolve a product, service or offering to be just better enough to matter — to be unique in the marketplace. So, we started asking our clients that question instead. 

What makes your brand uniquely better? 

If you are not able to answer this question quickly then it’s time to do a SWOT analysis, and perhaps we should talk more directly about your marketing consulting needs. 

I look forward to hearing what makes your brand uniquely better.