Alright, everyone has seen these ads right? We all know that they are scams right? Here’s what I don’t get. Why do major sites like, NBC, Fox, MSN, etc. allow these people to get away with this? I’m telling you right now that ads like these do nothing to help any website. I want to attack for facilitating this filth, but really I have to blame the webmasters of the sites that these things appear on, because they have the power to block this crap. Yabuka, as much as I don’t like these people, are simply using the system available to them, and no one has called them to task for it.

The top ad takes you to one of those one page high-pressure sales pitches that don’t tell you anything actually about their product, only about their “results” with references to nebulous research. They also incorporate magazine covers from Beauty magazine and others, without ever referencing them – giving the impression that their product is somehow related to these results. Unethical and disgusting.

The car insurance ad takes you to a faceless insta-quote auto insurance site, where you enter your zip code and get an “insta-quote”. Bad. Leave it alone.

The last ad takes you to a penny auction site…you know what? It’s fraud. Plain and simple. Here is an interesting article from MSNBC, which ironically allows the same ads from on them. And I blame MSNBC for this!!! These major groups should be monitoring the integrity of their ads. They have the executive power to block these groups, so why don’t they? Why are they not being called to task? I mean, it’s their site, their integrity on the line, and they allow it because these people, what, give them more money? Get it together people!