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Assessment/Quiz Creation, Ongoing Site Management, Website Development
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Catch Engine Assessment Marketing Team

First Water Advisors came to Alter Endeavors with several challenges. Vetting leads was taking way too long. 4 – 6 hours on phone calls with every potential client was taking way too many resources and limiting scalability in significant ways for Ben Lehrer and his team. Also, First Water needed to educate their clients on their unique approach, services and solutions in an efficient and consumable manner.

In marketing we have to take complex concepts and transform them into simple, consumable concepts that can be quickly and easily understood, inspiring the right potential clients to want to start a conversation with First Water.

Alter Endeavors approached the 4-6 hour issue by creating a very sophisticated assessment tool in partnership with Catch Engine. This assessment is called Fire Score.

Once the assessment was completed, the Alter Endeavors team worked with First Water Advisors to build a custom platform that had unique functionalities to help convey their “uniquely better” to their users. From a rotating “pain point” feature to a “Tool Belt” the First Water Advisors site includes unique custom functionalities dreamt to life by the AE Team and Ben. The result was a world class platform that positioned First Water in their rightful place as innovators and authorities in regards to business financing, capital, and Relational Finance.

  • Number of “Elements” to Relational Finance: 4
  • Client perks: Up to date insights and feedback on the current economic environment for businesses.
  • Shared Opinion: Hakeem Olajuwon is the greatest “Houston Rocket” in franchise history.